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Brocade Cisco Sun Microsystems


DCX FRU CP8 BLADE-XBR-DCX-0103 also known as 40-1000125-13 or 60-1000376-08

Control Processors

The Brocade DCX has two Control Processor (CP8) blades. The control processor functions are redundant active-passive (hot-standby). The blade with the active control processor is known as the “active control processor blade,” but either could be active or standby. Additionally on the each processor are a USB port and two network ports. The USB is only for use with a Brocade-branded USB storage device. The dual IP ports allow a customer to potentially fail over internally on the same CP without the loss of an IP connection rather than fail over to the standby CP blade

The Brocade® DCX® Backbone is the industry’s highest-performing enterprise-class platform for Storage Area Networks (SANs). With its intelligent sixth-generation ASICs and new hardware and software capabilities, the Brocade DCX provides a reliable foundation for fully connected, multiprotocol SANfabrics, FICONsolutions, and MetaSANs capable of supporting thousands of servers and storage devices.

The Brocade DCX Backbone also provides industry-leading power and cooling efficiency, helping to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), as well as helping to reduce overall OpEx.

CP8 - Control Processor
Provides service activities and manageability of the backbone

CR8 - Core Switching
1,024 Gbps per CR8ICL ports on every CR8 blade turned on via an optional license

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